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™                                                                Fits all audio jacks

   The iKleen Dangle is an advancement of the Original iKleen™.                                            Ceaosileeoxfpaunsed.s for
   By adding a plastic audio plug to the loop, the user now has the
   option of plugging into the audio port on the phone, the tablet
   or player. The audio port is universal, so the iKleen™ can dangle
   from every device while also serving to keep the audio input
   sealed and clean of dust and dirt.

                                                       Fused vinyl to polyester back

                             Optional backer card

                                                                         The Dangle can dangle from anywhere you can loop it. This
                                                                         allows it to hang from a back pack, purse, sun glass case,
	 camera strap or medical instrument. It’s the most
                                                                         universal iKleen™ in the family, but can still find a
                                                                         primary home on a smartphone.

	  [IKDGL-SP]                [IKDGL-PG]                [IKDGL-SO]

   Dangle with coil, plug & loop Dangle With coil & plug only Dangle with loop only

                             500 1K          2.5K 5K   10K
                                             .88 .76   .71 5C
   IKDGL-SO in clearbag      $1.4O 1.06
                                             1.02 .89  .84 5C
   IKDGL-SOC on card in clearbag $1.55 1.19  .91 .78   .71 5C
                                             1.04 .92  .84 5C
   IKGL-PG in clearbag       $1.46 1.11      .96 .86   .76 5C
                                             1.09 .99  .89 5C
   IKGL-PG on card clearbag  $1.60 1.24

   IKGL-SP in clearbag       $1.54 1.19

   IKGL-SPC on card in clearbag $1.67 1.32

   Dangle iKleen™ - vinyl front (printed 4C process) / microfiber back.                                    Hangs from straps
   Size: Rectangle (3 x 4 cm); Square (3.5 x 3.5 cm);Circle (3.9 cm                                        Hangs on a key ring
   diameter); oval (5.3 x 3.4 cm). More stock shapes available.                                            Perfect for uses beyond a phone
   Packaging Individual polybag. Optional backer card.                                                     Attach to phone case
   Set Up: $50[G] 1,000 + / $100 [G] under 1,000
   Proof: Via email included.
   Production: 21-28 days from approval.

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