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The Sticky iKleen™ has quickly become the best
seller. This small, but extremely functional, micro-
fiber product sticks to the back of most substrates
with a very special “gel” adhesive. The adhesive and
printed microfiber side can be cleaned over and over
again with soap and water, then returned to service
as sticky as ever.

IDEA SHOWCASE                                                  Sticky iKleen™ - non-toxic gel and
                                                               microfiber cloth printed in 4C process.
Smartketing - (def) The smart use                              The backer card prints four color
                                                               process on both sides.
of promtional products to achieve
                 a specific marketing                 iKleen™  500 1K 2.5K 5K 10K 25K
                 objective. This Sticky
                 iKleen does the job it               Bulk in bag $1.24 .93 .58 .46 .41 .34 5CD
                 intends to do. It has
                 instant visiblity of the             iKleen on card $1.40 1.10 .68 .55 .50 .43 5CD
                 (800) phone number
                                                      Size: Rectangle (1.5” X 1.2”); Square (1.5” X 1.5”); Circle (1.5” diam.)
and a QR code for immediate access                    Packaging: Individual polybag
to the internet URL.                                  Backer card:5.7cm x 8.9cm finished size printed 4/4; iKleen™ affixed
                                                      to card/inserted in polybag
Amortize - double the i-Kleens™                       Set Up: iKleen™/card - $30 (G)
                                                      Proof: Via email included; Pre-pro - $90 (G) (add 5-7 days)
on the card to extend the reach of                    Production time 21-25 days from approval (1K - 50K); 35-45 days
the promotion to another device or                    (100K-200K)

                          another person
                          in the family.
                          The cost is only
                          pennies more,
                          but the value is
                          far greater.

Traffic- virtually free to mail as a

                        “stuffer”, the
                        iKleen builds
                        traffic and
                        Combined with
                        a sweepstakes
                        or used as a solo
                        promotion, the
                        remains visible
                        for years to

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